About Us

In around 1760, Rev William Hanbury, Rector of St Peter’s church in Church Langton, created his charity.

Rev Hanbury was a man of vision (and also some controversy!) and sought to run his charity for the benefit of people in The Langtons and surrounding area. The charity exists to this very day, reformed and revised at various times in order to keep pace with a modern world and changing regulations, but overseen over the decades by volunteer trustees from within The Langton Villages.

Opportunities for awards

One of the primary functions of Hanbury Charity today is to grant assistance to young people who are in need of financial support in order to continue their further education or vocational training and who live in The Langtons and surrounding area.

Examples of awards could include, but is not limited to, assistance with:

All awards will be given subject to trustees discretion.

We believe in you

We invite applications from anyone who meets these criteria to submit a formal application, using the form below. Awards are considered at the commencement of each academic year (August/September), although consideration can be given to applications outside of this time frame in exceptional circumstances.

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Eligibility and Declaration

  • I am currently resident in the UK
  • My family home is in the parishes of Carlton-Curliew, Cranoe, East Langton, Foxton, Goadby, Glooston, Gumley, Illston-on-the-Hill, Shangton, Slawston, Stonton-Wyville, Thorpe Langton, Tur Langton, Welham or West Langton, all in the County of Leicestershire*.
  • I declare that the information that I will provide in this brief application is to the best of my knowledge true and accurate. I am also aware that any false information may lead to the rejection or dismissal of my application.
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